Christchurch Priory Dec 2018 (Photo Tony Still)

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NOTE!  If you can’t make a particular rehearsal please tell our Membership Secretary 

MEMBERS SHOULD ATTEND NO FEWER THAN 60% of REHEARSALS FOR EACH CONCERT. (If any less it is at the discretion of the MD whether you can sing in the concert.)

Rehearsals: Sundays 7.30p.m- 9.30p.m.  

St Luke’s Church Hall, St Luke’s Rd, Winton, Bournemouth BH3 7LR  

(Tea/ Coffee and biscuit available 50p in the break. Proceeds to choir funds.)

Coronation Anthems – Handel, Magnificat – Pergolesi, Motet: Lobet Den Herrn Alle Heiden – Bach, etc.
Christchurch Priory, Saturday 15th June 2019
Saturday 15th June 1.30 pm Tutti and Performance as above at The Priory, Christchurch

Saturday 9th November, Wimborne Minster.
J.S. Bach Magnificat Cantata BWV 29; Khunau Magnificat
September 8th 15th, 22nd 29th
October 6th 13th 20th 27th (28th Oct – 1st November- Half term)
November 3rd (Compulsory Piano Rehearsal)
November 9th Tutti and performance
Minimum Sunday evening attendance = 6

Should any choir member exceed the number of agreed absences for a concert, it will be at the MD’s discretion as to whether a choir member can sing. In such circumstances it is possible the MD may ask that choir member sing parts of the work to be performed in order to ensure the work is of sufficient quality to perform. It is extremely unlikely a choir member will be allowed to sing if they miss more than the agreed number of rehearsals where those absences include the final Piano Rehearsal. This process shall apply to all choir members.

No rehearsal = 10th November

Saturday 14th December, Christchurch Priory. Handel Messiah

Thursday 19th December, St. Luke’s, Winton. Music for Christmas
‘Music for Christmas’ rehearsals:
November 17th 24th
December 1st (Compulsory ‘Music for Christmas’ Piano rehearsal)
December 8th (Compulsory Piano Rehearsal- Messiah)

Future Dates for your Diary…

Sat 15 June 2019 Christchurch Priory

Sun 16 June 2019 – Afternoon Cream Tea hosted by David and Jenny Way

Sat 9th November 2019 Wimborne Minster – Bach Magnificat; Cantata 29; Kuhnau Magnificat

Saturday 16th Nov 2019 St Luke’s Hall: Three Pressed Men + supper

Sat 14 December 2019 Christchurch Priory Messiah

Thursday 19th December 2019 – Carols at St Luke’s Church at 6.30 pm

Sat. 21st March 2020 Priory – Beethoven Mass in C

Sat. 6th June 2020 Romsey Abbey – Haydn Nelson Mass. Mozart Vespers

Sat. 21 November 2020 Christchurch Priory

Monday 21st Dec. 2020 Wimborne Minster – Messiah